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The Call element is most commonly used to call into the CLR, the user's application or support libraries. Most calls can be made using the path syntax and Call can be used with the method call fully specified within the path supplied to call for clarity. But Call also supports unusual situations, call particular method overloads, calling through particular interfaces, and providing the call arguments using element syntax.

Property legend Type legend Description
Context dp object expr base context
ContextPath string path path to use instead of Context
Path string path the path to call
Type dp object expr static method type or class/interface for instance method
TypePath string path path to use instead of Type
Argument dp object expr first argument for one parameter methods
ArgumentPath string path path to use instead of Argument
Arguments dp cp ExpressionCollection call arguments
MethodName string the instance method to call
StaticMethodName string the static method to call
FunctionName string the function to call
BuiltinFunction BuiltinFunction the builtin function to call
TypeArguments dp ExpressionCollection the optional types to select which overload to call


Calls the specifed Path, MethodName, StaticMethodName, FunctionName, or BuiltinFunction with the the arguments specified in the Path or Argument or Arguments. If the Path contains a method call but it is incomplete, that is it does not contain arguments, then the arguments supplied to Call itself with be used in the call.


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