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Markup programming has two ways of supplying code: element syntax and script syntax. Element syntax looks like traditional markup; script syntax looks like traditional code.

Script Syntax

Script Statement Meaning
/* ignored */ C style comment
// ignored ; C style comment
; empty statement
expr; expression statement
var $variable = value; define variable to value
var $function($parameter, ...) stmt define function
if (expr) stmt if statement
if (expr) stmt1 else stmt2 if statement with else
if (expr1) stmt1 else if (expr2) stmt2 else stmt3 compound if
while (expr) stmt while statement
break; breaks out of the nearest enclosing loop
continue; continues to the next iteration of the nearest enclosing looop
foreach (var $variable in expr) stmt foreach statement
for (initial; condition; next) statment for statement
return expr; return statement
yield expr; yield statement
{ stmt; stmt; ... } brace block


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