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Project Description

  • Markup Programming is a standalone extension to XAML that provides operation-binding power comparable to the data-binding built in to XAML. It is is built on the foundation of a complete imperative programming language with dynamic objects.

Want to try it out? Want to get the code? Want to read the docs?


  • Tiny: no dependencies and roughly a 150k
  • Free: open source and Apache license
  • Fast: just-in-time compiled to code-trees
  • Modern: perfect for loose XAML and no code-behind
  • Necessary: a swiss army knife; a programming language
  • Sufficient: call any method in any assembly
  • Portable: supports WPF4 and Silverlight4
  • Concise: three lines of XAML to bind to your view-model operation
  • Flexible: handle any event on any element
  • Designable: dynamic data shows in the designer
  • Powerful: even write complete applications entirely in markup

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